Problem with rounding of item prices.

The problem is that the invoice only shows up to the second decimal place. If the price of the item is 1.009 the invoice will show 1.01, this is a big problem for me as I work with small commissions that depend on these numbers. What can I do to fix it? Thanks in advance.



@david any thoughts?

Is the calculation still correct? We should only round on the line total.

For currencies we always round to the currency precision, however the quantity column is not rounded at all.

In these types of scenarios you may want to use a cost based on per 1000 or similar so that it “appears” correct.

I had to use the product section instead of the tasks section to accomplish this. I have an item that is 0.585, and it is the only way I could get it to calculate correctly.

Hopefully, it works for you too.

The calculation still correct, but I don’t understand what you mean with the cost based per 1000, thanks in advance.

Could you explain in more detail please? The calculation is already correct in my case the only problem is how the product price is shown on the invoice


As we round the unit cost to the currency precision it is not possible to show $0.0000003

To work around this you could use pricing like this

$3 per 1000000 (per million)