Problem with Client Portal - View Invoice from Email/Invoice Link

Self Hosted - v4.5.14

Hello I’m having a problem with the invoice link when I click the “view invoice” link in the email or click the “view in portal” button in the invoice section I get the same error:

No Results Found
The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post.

I have a wordpress site. I have the iframe on a wordpress page (also tried just in a basic html) same issue. I’ve tried adjusting the link under the client portal setting, I’ve adjusted the .env to every possible location I could think of. Not sure what else to try. Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

If there’s a relevant log I can access let me know where to look if possible. Any other details that would help I can provide not sure if it’s recommended to post the link here?


Few more details:

Install Folder is
Link is:
Website where iframe is:

When I go directly the the link where the iframe is I get the account login.
When I click the view invoice link as described above I get the no results found error.

Maybe you’re missing ‘/admin’ or ‘/public’ in the link?

That doesn’t seem to make any difference. Anything else that can adjusted?

You should also try to check/clear settings on Settings > Client Portal

I’ve tried that, tried every possiable thing, reinstalled, changed sub directories, tried different .htaccess rules, tried in different browsers, I’ve spent hours on this, no idea why it’s not working, about to give up on invoice ninja if I can’t have clients view invoice :frowning: any more ideas? Can I PM you the link so you can see what’s happening?

Does it work without the iFrame? The main setting is the APP_URL value in the .env file.