Problem editing vendors

Hi !
First of all, thanks for your invoicing app, it’s really cool and helps me a lot.

This morning I was editing some vendors, adding informations like contacts and address and all in a sudden, the middle collumn (contact infos) dissapeard and I couldn’t save anymore any modifications on the vendor.

I tried to open InvoiceNinja on another browser (was on FF, opened on Chrome) but same issue. And same again on the android app. No error is thrown in the laravel.log.
I tried to update to the latest version as well (5.3.0->5.3.6), still no success.
The only thing I could see is located in the javascript console, not sure if this is relevant :

Thanks in advance for your help !
Have a beautiful day,

So little update.
Playing around, I’ve noticed the problem concerns only a couple of vendors. Deleting and recreating them seems to “fix” it.
I’ll come back to confirm if this is “solved” :wink:

Glad to hear it’s working, thanks for the update!

Please let us know if you’re able to reproduce the problem.

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