Preview email not updating when email text is being changed after update to the applications

Hi Invoice Ninja Team,

As the title says, after updating to the latest version whenever I click on send invoice and within the email widget where I can update the text to send, the email preview section below does not update anymore. I have tried clearing my cache using the but luck.

Any idea?
Thank you


Sorry for the trouble, this will be corrected in the next release.

In the meantime you can use the React web app.

Thanks for confirming the bug and thanks for the quick reply. How about’s would I use the “React web app”?


There’s a React button at the top of the dashboard in the Flutter web app.

Silly, I completely missed that and never noticed it thank you.

I will wait for the update but will consider it if required.

Thank you

Hi @hillel,

Would you happen to know in what version it was working before the latest version? I am looking at reverting to an older version in the meantime. I would like also like to know where I can download previous version. Thank you

Sorry, I’m not sure which version it would work in.

@bolous I think i had version v5.7.62 before updating and the issue was already there. I thought it would be gone with newest online version (5.8.3) - but it is not, unfortunately.

When i change something in email text in preview before sending the invoice to the client the preview does not change. And the changed text is also not emailed to the customer. The predefined standard-text is emailed to the customer.

(I am working in the mac app)

The problem is in the frontend, if you update the macOS app it should resolve the issue.

I do not see an update for the macOS app. I have Version 5.0.146 (146) installed.

Not sure, here’s what I see in the version history in the app store.

I can confirm its the same issue when using the Window apps. Thanks @hillel for looking into this.

Thanks @designguide for your input as well.

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Updating to the latest version of the Windows app should resolve the issue.

Thx for information. That is strange - i can not see an update. But it may takes just some time… i will check the next days.

@hillel today i saw the update. Now issue is gone - thank you :grinning:

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Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!