Preventing emails from going into SPAM


I’ve been trying to solve this issue for a couple of hours. I’ve recently switched hosting providers and have my InvoiceNinja app instance back up and running. However, in my email tests my invoices are going to SPAM. I’ve setup DKIM, DMARK, SPF and all that. When I run a test on, it docks me for using a relay service (in this case, Gmail). Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

I’ve tried using plain text emails as well as removing the attached PDF, but that doesn’t help either.

Which version are you using? The newest one seem to have ability to send via Gmail (at least the demo link shows that). So maybe for some reason it may be using Gmail instead? Just a guess.


I’m not using the newest version because it doesn’t have the ability to send recurring invoices / recurring expense, I don’t think. Thought I saw that in the most recent announcement about the new version…

Are you using the same email provider as before?

It can sometimes help to change between the light/dark designs but if it worked before changing hosting providers I’m not sure it’s related.

I was using Cloudron with Grmail before and have switched to a cheaper, shared hosting plan, but am still using Gmail. I didn’t really end up using the other apps available on the Cloudron platform, so figured it didn’t make sense to keep paying $30 a month.

I’ve gotten things working. What I ended up doing was using the SMTP2GO service. They have free plan that allows 1000 emails to be sent through their servers per month. I just plugged in the information for their email servers and now I’m scoring a 9.5 on Getting docket 0.5 points for a broken Google Font link, which I haven’t looked into yet. The great thing about SMTP2GO is they handle all the stuff to help prevent emails from going to Spam. Make it nice and easy to setup!

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Thanks for the update, glad to hear it’s working!