Prefix field on invoice

Can I add a prefix to a field on the PDF? We use the bus numbers a lot, and now it looks a bit silly to have just a number on a line like this:

Company name
Street 12

Where 23 is the bus number. So ideal, it would generate a line like this:
Street 12 bus 23

Where we have to fields on one line and the bus number prefixed with "bus ".


@david any thoughts on this? If you’re up for it I think we can consider using custom labels to show as prefixes.

We’d need to discuss how this would work, I don’t see a simple win on this one.

Can I propose an alternative?

There are already two variants for the City/Province/Postcode aggregation:

  • City/Province/Postcode
  • Postcode/City/Province

Can we then add two additional variants in the same theme:

  • Street/"bus "/bus number or Street/"b "/bus number (where the middle part passes the localization - although it’s the same in English and Dutch)
  • Postcode/City (so without the province, since the province isn’t important in many countries like Belgium, The Netherlands, …)

Having the bus on the same line is the format we use, at least in Belgium, The Netherlands, and France, …

Belgium format: Hoe een adres correct noteren? Ontdek er alles over | bpost | bpost


The province doesn’t need to be added to the address in Belgium and the surrounding countries, but it’s still useful to fill in to use in statistics.

Belgium example:

Paul Janssens
Gistelsesteenweg 22 bus 1
1180 Ukkel