Pre-sales questions

Hi ninja team,

Your app is awesome, thank you !
I have some questions to choose between a hosted or a self-hosted version, can you tell me if theses features will be added in a short time or not ?

1 — Ability to create a credit note ( with a pdf and a mail / credit note XX for invoice XX ) when an invoice is deleted. Also add the ability to invoice again the quote ? A credit note cancel an invoice e.g. invoice $1200 / credit note $-1200. Sometimes customers enter an invoice in Accounting which must be canceled and NOT deleted.
2 — Ability to fill the quote number on the invoice if available
3 — Add a suffix to the invoice number e.g. 002 / MONTH-YEAR
4 — Modify the filename of an invoice e.g. invoice002_description_client_dayMonthYear.pdf
5 — Add an invoice description field e.g. “Creation of a newsletter system”
6 — Ability to add options in quotes and invoices
7 — Ability to add pages in quotes and invoices e.g. Terms and conditions pdf, related documents …
8 — Choose a default tax rates for all quotes and invoices
9 — Ability to add groups of products
10 — Add a french Date & Time format e.g. 29/09/2015 15h45

If a choose the self-hosted version, do you recommend a way to extend ( hook ) your code without loose updates ?

Thanks a lot !!
Best regards,

  1. Supported. To use a credit choose “Apply credit” when creating a payment.
  2. Supported.
  3. We support prefixes not suffixes, we’re looking into making this more flexible in the future.
  4. Not supported, no plans to support.
  5. You can currently use the notes field, we’ll possibly add this in the future.
  6. Not sure I understand.
  7. Supported.
  8. Not supported, we plan to add it soon.
  9. Not supported, no plans to support.
  10. Not supported, we’ll likely add custom formats in the future.

Sorry, there’s no easy way. You would just to keep merging from our latest.

Thank you very much for your quick reply.

1— Well, i’m not sure i’m clear — sorry for my english. Maybe the good term is credit side ?
Generally, there is two case : the client change his billing address, so i need to create a new invoice and delete the previous one. The previous “client” have to be virtually cancelled of his balance without using “Paid to Date” because nothing was paid.
Or if i need to delete an invoice of 350$, the client have to receive a cancelled invoice with the exact opposite amount of -350$ (without payment or credit).

2— I can’t find the quote number in pdf invoice. By using a $var ? Do you have a detailed doc of all $vars used in pdf invoice creation ?

3,8,10- Great

5- Notes field is important too, i think a description field will be very great.

6 — Ability to add options in quotes and invoices : More products in a quote out of the total. The client can choose to add it to the quote when he approve it.

7— Not sure. I can’t find where i can add *.pdf files after live pdf pages ?

Sorry, there’s no easy way. You would just to keep merging from our latest.


Thanks again,
Best regards,

  1. If you delete an invoice we credit the client’s balance. You may need to test the app to see if it fits your needs.

  2. We don’t show the quote number on the invoice. It’s not possible using a variable, we’re working on improving the documentation.

  3. Thanks, I understand now. Sorry, it isn’t supported.

  4. The end of this post has an example of how to add additional pages to the PDF:

  1. Yes, sure. I tried it. But look :
    30-09-2015 2:51 pm Wilhem *** deleted invoice 0009 €0.00 €-1,000.00
    30-09-2015 2:51 pm Wilhem *** created invoice 0009 €1,000.00 €1,000.00

All my clients will ask me a credit note after deleting an invoice because they already add the previous invoice in accounts.

So, is it possible to create a pdf with the balance €-1,000.00 when deleting ?

2,6. Ok, bad luck.

  1. very great, thanks.
  1. I think I understand, that’s isn’t currently supported. We don’t support negative invoices in general.

Ok, thanks a lot Hillel.


I’m sorry, a last question, any chances to get an electronic signature when clients approve quotes ?
It will be a very plus compared to other apps.

Like that =


That’s really cool, thanks for sharing it.

We’ll look into what it will take to implement.