Pre sales question

I’m testing the online version because we’re starting a new company.

The first time I tried to create a test invoice, user and product test already created, the browser freezes with cursor freeze in customer field.

Checking your forum seems it’s a problem related to Safari and the way you handle PDF, and the only way to fix that it’s disabling PDF preview, by the way a PRO version, if I’m not wrong.

Ok, let’s try anyway. Change settings, create an invoice and as a customer got an email with a link to see the invoice in your portal. I don’t understand why the invoice is not sent with the email, but ok, lets see how it looks… Also not, doesn’t display the invoice and freeze the browser.

My question it’s really simple: users using Safari can’t use Invoice Ninja for their purpose: create and see invoices?

Your product looks amazing, but I couldn’t work in that way, many of my potential customers are Mac users. It would be so disrespectful with your clients and users in general, even if your product could be incredible, I have no way, and don’t want to make my customers choose the browser I think is better for them.

To any actual user of the cloud version, how are you dealing with that? what are you telling to your customers?



The problem was caused by a change in the latest version of macOS.

It’s possible an update to macOS and/or Safari will resolve the problem, if not we’re working on a new version of the app which will resolve the problem but it won’t be available for a few months.

Hi, thanks to reply.

Well, after more research, try to install on local and check other options, we choose Akaunting.

Maybe you should give alternatives, what about attach PDF to the email message?


You can attach the PDF on Settings > Email Settings