Post upgrade sends me to Setup?!

I conducted an upgrade via Sofaculous to the latest version. When I go to the hosted domain, I just get a Setup (in plain without all of the CSS).

Fortunately, I did a backup before upgrading, but when I reinstate that, I am still stuck at Setup.

How can I repair this to work with my existing setup?


Does the ,env file contains your info?

@david any thoughts?

Thanks…yep, the .env file looks correct.

I believe this is a permissions issue.

Check owner and permissions are correct for all files (usually want them to be the web user)

Also clear the /bootstrap/cache folder and refresh.


That is odd if the upgrade failed via softaculous as this should be completely managed.

The only thought that comes to mind is the DB connection has changed as this could be the only thing that would automatically send the app back to the setup screen.

Thanks for the responses.

I’m not sure what happened…but after reinstating the older version…and waiting a bit of time…everything seems to be working ok. It is not the latest version mind you, but given the issues, I am fine with that for now.

I may try to upgrade again later (earlier in the invoicing period!)

Thanks again!