Possible to encrypt invoice emails using OpenPGP keys?

I’m guessing it isn’t possible, but hoping it is. Is it possible to encrypt automated invoice emails using OpenPGP keys?

If not, is it likely that this might be incorporated into a future version of Invoice Ninja?


I don’t believe it’s supported but feel free to create an issue on the GitHub to request it.

Thanks, I’ve done that!

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We use Proxmox Mail Gateway (PMG) to filter in and out bound email. Before transmitting outbound messages, we have PMG DKIM sign the message.

It should be possible to use something like https://github.com/infertux/zeyple to encrypt the outbound messages.

Or you could fund the development of this functionality using Invoice Ninja :slight_smile:

Another method to achieve similar results, get a Microsoft 365 mailbox with Azure information protection, you can then encrypt every outgoing message or messages with a preselected keyword. Cost is $6 per month.

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