Possible to add Client gateway to pdf quote/invoice?

I’m looking for a solution to embed the client portal link within the pdf for invoices and quotes.

Is it possible to include a link to the client portal like the “View Quote” or “Pay Now” within the pdf?

Hmm… I’m not sure it’s possible but one solution may be to use custom design and build the link using the $contact.contact_key variable

Appreciate the quick reply.

Could you assist in how I would add this in? Do i just add that line: $contact.contact_key variable

Where would I add this line to to make it display on the pdf under the quote/invoice total?

Thank you.

You would need to add the variable to the end of the client portal link, you can see a sample “View in portal” link on the client overview page. I’m not sure if it would even work, just trying to come up with ideas.