Possible regression? - client cleared from task

I’m seeing a possible regression in v5.5.14-C91, using the regular (not React) web interface – I can create a task entry normally, enter an existing project name which auto-fills the client name, and do normal things within the task such as adding times. However, when I save it the client entry clears to a blank entry. I can re-add the client name, but upon saving it it continues to clear out. Are others having the same issue?

I don’t have tons of daily use and haven’t tested beyond that, so I’m not sure if it or something like it is happening elsewhere. It may have popped up anytime in the updates of the last few weeks, based on my relatively limited use.


This should be corrected in the next release.

cc @david

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yes, i’ve checked in a fix, i’ll tag a release after CI