Please Add Company Name to Logo Image in Client Portal

Currently, InvoiceNinja (hosted v5) uses the same (300x300 square) logo used for invoices as the “branding” for the Client Portal. Because we have a (more typical?) rectangular logo and because we wanted it placed at the top of the invoice page, we arranged our logo at the top of the 300x300 square provided. This creates an area of white space under the logo and it looks great on our invoices.

However, when that same 300x300 square is then re-used as an icon within the app (e.g., far upper left) and reduced to a 40x40 equivalent, our logo essentially disappears. Yes, you can see it, but I certainly wouldn’t call it “branded” nor “easy to read.” Those spaces would seem to be more appropriate for a smaller “icon” version of the logo. (We even have one, but alas there’s just no place to add it.)

More importantly though, that same 40x40 “icon” version of the “invoice logo” is also used as the “branding” for the Client Portal. Again, our current logo looks fine on the login screen. However, once a client enters the portal, the only branding that they see is this tiny 10x40 pixel, off-middle, unreadable version of our logo, rather than something appropriately sized for the space. The unfortunate side-effect of this is a Client Portal that essentially appears unbranded, once you’re logged in.

Therefore, I would like to propose that IN please consider adding the Company Name to branding of the Client Portal. This would then be consistent with the rest of the app.

This, and the multi-client dropdown issue are the only two things holding us back from a proud unveiling of our new Client Portal to all of our clients!

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

This would allow customers to better recognize whose Client Portal they are using


One option would be to use a custom invoice design and embed a base64 encoded version of the logo image.

To request a new feature please create an issue on the GitHub repo.


I could, but doing that doesn’t change the fact that the hosted Client Portal branding is currently being relegated to a tiny 40x40 image. (i.e., an icon.) That’s the problem I was trying to highlight and resolve.

There isn’t anything wrong with the current “invoice” / company logo setup. It’s just the way that the application is then depending on it as the only branding within the Client Portal.

So, I thought of a faster/easier/better way that doesn’t require anything new to be added! And I updated the name of this post to “Please Add Company Name to Logo Image in Client Portal.”

Can we just show the Company Name next to it, like it is in rest of the app?:

Should I still make a formal feature request?

If you’d like a change in the app please create a GitHub issue to track the request.

Hi Hillel,

I was just searching for a workaround for the same “visual” issue.
The option of implementing another field under Company setup that allows for a second iconized logo version (to be used by the app in the instances on screen) would be great.
Is this a feature request that should be posted here or in git hub?


I believe this was created as an issue on GitHub