Playful template formatting issue

The self-hosted Playful template doesn’t display the content in line on the top right where invoice details are displayed. any solution for this?


If you customize the design you can add width: 130px; to the #entity-details p CSS selector on the includes tab to make the section wider.

@david it may be good to include this change in the default template.

It is not reflecting for the below code

#entity-details p {
margin-right: 20px;
white-space: nowrap;
–tw-space-y-reverse: 0;
margin-top: calc(.5rem * calc(1 - var(–tw-space-y-reverse)));
margin-bottom: calc(.5rem * var(–tw-space-y-reverse));
width: 130px;

I’m not sure, it works in my tests. You may want to increase the number to make it even wider.