Playful Design bug


I found some bug on the Playful invoice design.

There’s syntax error on: Settings > Invoice Design > Playful > Footer


I think, /p&gt; is </p>

On the preview, there’s /p>


Plus, there’s missing lines between the products.

Backend on my side:

Frontend on clients side:

Seems like, it’s a random bug. Now, different lines is missing after refreshing the website.


Thanks for reporting!

cc @ben

Thanks, this is fixed in the upcoming version :+1:

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Ok super, thanks! Can you hit me, if released? I’ll test it again after this update :slight_smile:

New version is live!

Yes, I can confirm. Thanks!

But I think, I found a new bug: All lines is available only, if I use my browser in max size.

Small size:

Big size:

Plus: The blue box (and company logo) is really, really big now?



Thanks for reporting these, I’ll check them out.

When it comes to logo, we’ve made some changes, still experimenting & adopting to different sizes.

For now, you can change the zoom of your logo, by changing the design & modifying the .company-logo zoom property (Includes tab).

Ah ok, super.

I changed back to 15%.

    .company-logo {
    zoom: 15%; /** Adapt the zoom size, if you think it's necessary. **/

How I can get the blue box smaller? On the right side, it’s a little bit to much space.

Smaller on y or x axis?