PlatformException(error, Promise was rejected with a value of ‘undefined’.,null, null)

I’m under v5.3.27-c62, self-hosted, shared host, it was working correctly, but I have this problem now when trying to edit an invoice.

I have this in my .env file :

#options - snappdf / phantom / hosted_ninja


I saw the other topic on the same problem, I’m trying to change to PDF_GENERATOR=hosted_ninja
( I have white label), and PHANTOMJS_PDF_GENERATOR=false (I guess) but the config cache doesn’t seems to refresh. It always says PDF: Phantom JS Web in the System Health. I tried /update, empty the cache, refresh, with no sucess.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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It may help to run php artisan optimize after changing the .env file.

Thank you, it’s working again with phantom…

It’s working also with hosted_ninja. But with both option, the preview is poor quality, it was not like that before, any idea why ?

I would like to configure it with snappdf, but it’s giving me the same error (PlatformException…)

Do I have to install something ?

It was caused by a change we made to improve the quality of the text throughout the app. Two steps forwards, one back… We’re looking into correcting it.

You would need to setup SnapPDF locally: