Plaid pay button doesn't work


We’ve integrated plaid and keep trying to make it through to the final process. Plaid has informed me that the payment process is in production and the “pay now” final step after bank verification is still missing. Is there a bug in the system?


Are you using or are you self hosting the app?

It’d be helpful if you could check your browser console for any errors.

I’m using and not self hosting the app.

this is the error I get:

An invalid form control with name=’’ is not focusable.

it occurs on the first line of /bank_transfer when I click the “pay now” button.

I’m using chrome.

I’m seeing an error when trying to test Plaid, I’ve followed up with them to see if they can provide some help.

The new update doesn’t seem to resolve this. Is there anybody still looking into it?

Can you check your browser console for any errors?

In my testing I saw a 403 error, Plaid had to white list my IP address for it to work.