Placeholder for "View proposal" needed for customisation

Hey folks,

I’m sorry to bother you with so many questions and stuff, but I’m trying to make myself a nice InvoiceNinja installation for my little PC consulting business. I really appreciate every little help I can get.

Oh, and I swear I read the manual now! :sweat_smile:

Anyway: I already found a thread about changing the name of the view invoice placeholder. But what’s the placeholder for proposals/offerings? I don’t like the German translation very much. “Angebot ansehen” is like “just watchin’, no touchin’”, you know?! :smirk:

Maybe there’s a big list with any placeholders on github? I already found one, but the ones I tried weren’t resolved in the location settings.

Thank you for your support!


Here’s the list of labels:

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(EDIT: This is the solution for showing the right button label in offering e-mails. Look at the last line in the screenshot)

Hi, Hillel,

thank you very much. At least I already found the right file(s). But however, it seems I still do something wrong (see last row in the following screen shot):

As you can see, placeholder “view_invoice” works perfectly.



Does the “View quote” customization work in the client portal?

The label isn’t used in the Flutter app so won’t show as translated on that screen.

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Where exactly should this label appear in the portal? Right now it’s empty.

If you mean the e-mail for the customers, I must create an offer first to test it. Just a minute, please.

@hillel Looks great! Thank you so much!

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!

Hi again,
just a hint: the placeholder will not be “translated” into full text in the settings. It will be shown as typed in, if you know what I mean.