Performance issues

So just sent my first live invoice with Invoice Ninja, only took 40 minutes :smile:

I created a new template on my working computer and tested everything 10-15 times, then I got home and it would just not use the new template. After cleaning the browser cache and running CCleaner i finally got the new template.

Question #1: The web app feels cache heavy, is it possible to make it cache less?

Edit: Browser: Firefox

Then I got XHR errors when sending the invoice, I checked SMTP2GO and the invoice was indeed sent but Invoice Ninja didn’t display it as sent.

Question #2: Is there any way to to set SMTP sending timeout? Sometimes a SMTP server may take a couple of seconds before responding.

Question #3: Why is tabbing not working in Firefox? It tabs to the Back and forward button and the URL-field but you can’t tab between inputs?

Qustion #4: If running Firefox with the console open it spits out “Error in parsing value for property ‘font’. Declaration dropped”, is this normal?

Do you see a difference using Chrome? Note: the desktop apps are much more performant.

#1 Are there more details in the network tab of the browser console?

#2 If there isn’t a .env variable you may be able to override a value in config/mail.php

#3 Not sure, does refreshing help?

#4 Can you please post a screenshot?

Haven’t tried chrome, will try it tomorrow then try the desktop app.

  1. Here are two request that takes a bit of time
    /api/v1/refresh?current_company=true&updated_at=1631557393&first_load=true = 626ms
    /storage/IltRDpr79RDMJJvB3jeDMB4xUsuxpfmkhWhIXKMhjdE1VXpdZt9mpCK2V3vU1Hbk/cwnvvc9cqv6KyP31834xEoeeKzCxBoF3d7bubVgp.png (logo) = 90ms

  2. I added 300 seconds to the timeout in config/mail.php since my nginx is configured to timeout after 300 seconds. Lets see if it helps

  3. Nope, I’ve cleared the cache a couple of times, it works in Brave and Edge.

  4. Its in Swedish but it spams the same messages when moving the mouse.

Just installed the Windows app and the strangest thing is happening. When starting the app and choosing Self hosted, when I type the email address, after the @ sign the keyboard stops working and I have to restart my computer. Have never seen this before.

I’ve tried 3 times with the same result. I have to test it with my working computer, this is super strange :smile:

Edit: Seems to be working on my work computer so maybe there is something wrong with my Windows Store at home.

I think the problem with the @ sign is caused by the framework we’re using, it should hopefully be resolved in the next release.