PDF view is not working

Passed couple of days I’ve been trying to run invoice ninja on a local machine but it didn’t work due to errors after errors. So in the end I download the latest release and build it as a laravel app. That seem to do the job but now I am having a new issue. The PDF previews are not working.

Hey there!

Thanks for reporting this back to us. Can you please check your logs?

You can find them in: storage/logs/laravel.log file.


Hey ben,
here are the logs:

Um, I don’t see any errors there. Can you check if PDFs are generated fine?

You should be able to find them in public/storage/xxxx/xxxx/invoices.


yeah there is a pdf file but when I open it, it says Format Error: Not a PDF or corrupted.

All right, I need to know what you use to generate your PDFs.

Can you tell me the output for this (execute in the root of Invoice Ninja directory):

cat .env | grep PHANTOM

Here is the output


One problem could be that Invoice Ninja isn’t using the public domain and second, that demo key is overloaded for the day.

Please read our docs on this:


I have phantom js installed on my machine and binary link pasted in the env file. Shouldn’t that be taking care of pdf generation?