PDF preview not appearing in Firefox

So this just happened but has never been an issue previously. PDF preview still works in Chrome, so I’m guessing it’s not an Invoice Ninja problem, but does anyone know a fix?

I am using invoiceninja.com


One option is to enable ‘prevent download’ on Settings > Account Management.

This will use a JavaScript based PDF renderer rather than the browser’s built in renderer.

philipmjmartin I’ve seen this happen with other sites too, you need to check how your Firefox is configured to handle the PDF. Go to options then scroll down to the application section ant try the following:


I have seen the case where the pdf preview works when the “Preview in Firefox” and fail when “Use Adobe Acrobat Reader” is selected. You might want to see which works for you. For me, it works with the “Preview in Firefox”

Hillel Coren I’ve recently began evaluating IN and its quite impressive! Congrats to you an your team!

Thanks! Wait till you see v2 :slight_smile: