PDF not Found

Hey guys,
Im having an issue viewing PDFs in the iOS app. Im getting a “PDF not Found” error on some PDFs.

  • An invoice which was sent, viewed, and paid works fine
  • An invoice which is still a draft gives me an error
  • A quote which was sent and viewed gives me an error

I am able to view the PDFs on the desktop and mobile websites, along with sending the PDFs as an attachment in the emails.

I am using the self hosted version (v4.4.3) in AWS on Ubuntu 16.04. I have also seen no errors in the past few days in storage/logs/laravel-error.log (I tried multiple times today and the last log entry was from May 30).

I’m not sure… I’m the web developer, the mobile developer may have better advice.

If you haven’t already I’d suggest trying to refresh the data in the mobile app, it also may help to re-save the invoice and then reload the data.

FYI, we’re working on a new version of the mobile app. We hope to have an early release ready in a few weeks.