PDF issues - when emailing qoute


we have an on-premise, white label install running in a docker container. However, the email quote/invoice has broken, it sends the pdf via email but it’s corrupt.

I have researched this issue, upgraded to the latest docker container 4.5.6 and ensure phantomjs is at 2.1.1 - there are no log files in the app container under storage to help me out.

tried turning appdebug on, in my env file for clues, nothing…

I have followed the troubleshooting steps in

but can’t seem to get the phantomjs test.pjs working correctly (any advice, do i need to put the test file inside the container then run?)

the headless test in the email settings just times out, with no entry in log files, including nginx access or error logs.

Some advice on how to advance this issue would be most welcome. Thanks in advance, Wayne

You may want to test with a blank company to see if it’s related to the settings.

Not sure how to run the test script on Docker but it would be a good next step. Have you tried phantomjs -v