PDF Generation Issues

I had purchased a white label license for V4 (https://accounts.amazingworkz.com/public/dashboard) and it’s expiry is in November. I installed v5 on another sub domain (https://billing.amazingworkz.com). I clicked on migrate in v4 and migration did happen. I can see my clients, invoices, recurring, payments etc. But when I try generating PDF, it fails. I tried doing this:

  2. Signed up on Phantom JS cloud, got an API key but no secret, put it there, still nothing.
    PHANTOMJS_SECRET=<what to put here?>

Now my v4 instance is throwing some error and I am not able to figure out what happened. I was on invoice template edit screen and my browser crashed.

Please help me.

I am on a Namecheap shared hosting account.


Have you seen the info here:


Note: after changing the .env file you need to run php artisan optimize

This is what I was missing. I ran this from terminal and it worked.

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!

I am getting another error/warning at the bottom. It says the crons needs to be enabled. This is what I have as a cron job in cpanel:

cd /home/deepegdn/billing.amazingworkz.com && /opt/alt/php74/usr/bin/php -d register_argc_argv=On artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

Are you able to try running it from the command line without the >> /dev/null part

Yes, it runs without error. Does that mean I don’t have to worry right? The recurring invoices will be sent automatically?

If you’re seeing the warning in the app then the most most like are not running

@david do you have any ideas?