PayPal Express

When a customer views an invoice and clicks the pay now button to use paypal for pament but doesnt complete the transaction the gateway fee is added to the invoice… if they customer then tries to pay the invoice again at a later date another gateway fee is added. The fee should be removed if the payment isn’t successful.

Can you reproduce this issue?

We aren’t able to automatically remove the fee if the payment doesn’t complete but if the invoice has the fee on it a second fee shouldn’t be added.

Once the customer selects pay now it adds the fee to the invoice… when they get to paypal in really small print it says “Cancel and return to COMPANY NAME” but if they don’t click that and just close the page the fee is not removed from the invoice and the customer could click on pay now again and the fee will now be added to the invoice again with the previous fee (2 x fee) with the second fee being based on the previous total plus the first fee.

When you click ‘Pay Now’ the second time what amount is sent to PayPal?

The first time through the invoice total is $5.65, the fee is $0.47 and PayPal shows $6.18.
The second time through the invoice total is $6.18, the pay now button fee is $0.49 but PayPal does correctly show $6.18.

So at the very least this could be confusing for the customer as the Pay Now fee indicates it is more than it should on the second pass be even if PayPal is getting the correct value. Also if the customer decides to come into our store and pay cash the fee appears to still be on the invoice… I could train my staff to watch for errant fees before taking in store payment but at some point there may be an over charge to a customer.

I think this is the same issue:

In our next release we plan to remove the fee from the ‘Pay Now’ button if it’s already been added to the invoice.