PayPal Express Customization

I can’t seem to get my PayPal Gateway Customization stick (I’m on 5.5.41).

My hunch is PayPal has changed something in the handover of fields but

  • Brandname,
  • Headerimageurl,
  • Logoimageurl, and
  • Bordercolor

do not show up if I go to a “Pay Now” button in a client portal …

Have others encountered the same issue?


@david any thoughts?

Regarding ‘headerimageurl’ I have an update to report.
PayPal Business has made some changes to how Profiles are handled. While you have “Profile Settings” under your login menu, it actually doesn’t provide access to the “Business Profile”, which is now nested in left hand sidemenu on the “Account Settings” page. Confused already? It gets stranger - since the only place I’ve found how to access the next important page (the actual Business Profile) is by going to the submenu “Business Information”, which brings you to page where you can click “Update”. This is the only way how I found to land on the Business Profile page - not sure where it is shown or how it could be accessed/viewed otherwise.
Now, apparently if you set an icon in this Business Profile, it takes precedence over anything you hand over from an app. When I removed the icon on the profile, it pulls the image I set in invoice ninja.
Regarding the other properties (border, brandname, etc.) they may have been depreciated … ?