Payment Types Bug

Hi there,

First of all, I wanted to thank you guys for creating such an awesome product. I’ve been using it for a few releases now, and it’s really, really helped my business! So thanks…

Anyway, in the last few releases there has been a bug when entering payments. If you create a payment, scroll down the payment type dropdown, and take a look, you’ll see about 6 at the bottom that display as “texts.payment_type_XXX”.

Furthermore, I was wondering when we might see Stripe support implemented once more?


Thanks for letting us know about the payment types texts, they’ll be fixed in our next release.

We still support Stripe. Have you setup another credit card gateway, we only support using one at a time.

Hi Hillel,

Only have Paypal Express configured. I had stripe set up a few versions ago, but I attempted an update and it completely broke my installation. It was a disaster and I ended up having to fix a bunch of stuff through the back end. The upgrade was causing foreign key constraint errors from memory, then I was receiving an error regarding one of the libraries associated with stripe if I recall correctly.

I’ll try set it up again now if it’s meant to be working!


Hmm, Stripe is missing from my available online payment methods still. Is there a way I can rebuild this table without a full reinstallation?


All good, got Stripe sorted. Looks like the library was set to 2 instead of 1 per your current seed file.

Ok, great to hear!