Payment Reports

I am trying to run a payments report for 2021 and having trouble with what data is available in the payment and the payment tax report.

Some of my clients and VAT registered meaning that I don’t charge them VAT on invoicing. If I run a payment tax report these clients are omitted from that report for the year. If I run a payment report I can’t see the tax value against each payment. Ideally what I would like to do is run a report that lists the invoice number, the total payment amount and also the tax amount on one report - is that possible somehow do you think?


I think the payment tax report is the right report to use.

I’m not sure I understand, if you aren’t charging some clients taxes why would they be in the report?

I’m just looking for a full report of the financial year really that has all the info for each payment whether it includes tax or not.

Thanks, understood.

We’ll look into supporting this.

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