Payment Provider - Stripe Issues


My client is having a few issues with their stripe plugin he keeps getting an email from stripe stating the webhook isn’t setup correctly.

The message got was -

Hi there,

We’re contacting you because the webhook endpoint associated with your account in live mode has been failing for five consecutive days. Webhooks are used to notify your server about events that happen in your Stripe account, such as a payout completing or an invoice being created. The failing webhook endpoint is (removed)/public/payment_hook/(removed)HqLCAXfgCOYtTeN5pU0Q/23.

We have disabled your webhook endpoint so it will no longer receive these events from Stripe. If you’d like to re-enable your endpoint once you’ve fixed the problem, you can do so by clicking the ‘Enable’ button for the webhook in your Stripe settings:

One recent call to your endpoint failed because we did not receive any response. This usually means that we were either unable to connect or our request timed out. You can view the event for this failed notification here: To acknowledge receipt of a webhook, your endpoint should return a 2xx HTTP status code.

For more in depth information about how to use webhooks, we recommend taking a look at our documentation:


The Stripe Team

In payment gateway it states (removed)/public/payment_hook/(removed)HqLCAXfgCOYtTeN5pU0Q/23 in the payment but when i had a look at the dir i can’t find anywhere /payment_hook/

I downloaded another version from GitHub and still the same can’t find it.

So what is the issues, is this a bug or a set up error? or should stripe still work without any issues?

Some advice would be great!

Sorry i have to (remove) a few things for the URL have to protect my client at the end of the day.

Thanks in advance!

Forgot to say sorry, if i go to the link it says - Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

The route is defined in app/Http/routes.php, it’s a POST route so you won’t be able to load it in the browser.

So in your eyes, it should be working fine?

As the url that is showing for web hook is the same that is displaying in invoice ninja?

As long as the URL is publicly available.

You can send a test call to the webhook from the Stripe dashbaord.

How do i make the URL public? As if i got the the link it just come up with “Whoops, looks like something went wrong”

Where do you go in stripe to make a test call?

This site as a whole needs to be publicly available, ie. localhost won’t work.

What API should we be using?

Upgrading your API version may break your implementation. Be sure to read the list of changes made since your version.
You’ll be able to roll back to your previous API version for the next 72 hours. Follow our upgrade guide to test the new changes.

You’re upgrading to the latest API version from 2017-02-14.
Here’s a few major changes that may affect you:
Payouts were moved out of Transfers into their own resource. /v1/payoutsnow represents moving money from a Stripe account to a bank account or debit card, and/v1/transfers now represents Connect platforms moving money between Stripe accounts.
Be sure to read the full list of changes to see all breaking changes for this upgrade.

Do we use the latest one? As this we was working until we updated to the latest invoice ninja update.

It should work with all recent versions of their API.