Payment Entry For Excess Payment

Hello, I am sure there is a simple answer but I cannot seem to find a solution.

I received a payment from a customer larger than the amount due. The customer wants to keep the additional payment on account for later use.

When I try to apply the payment, the system will not allow me because it is beyond the amount owed on an invoice for the customer. There is no way to enter the full payment and then apply the balance to an unpaid invoice.

If I go to “payments” I do not have a field to enter an amount for the payment unless I select the open invoice. Since the payment is larger than the invoice amount, it will not allow the payment to be entered. Any suggestions are appreciated.

422: The given data was invalid.

• The amount is greater than the invoice balance. You cannot overpay an invoice.


You can apply the invoice balance amount and then leave the remainder available as an unapplied payment.

I can’t even apply the payment amount. There is no amount field unless you associate it with an open invoice.

I’m not sure I understand, how would you apply a payment without selecting an invoice?

We’re talking past each other… As stated, you cannot apply an amount larger than the amount owed on an invoice. If you call up the pending invoice, there is am amount owed. You cannot enter the full payment in the amount field since it is beyond the amount owed. There is no way to show the full payment was received or account for it.

If you have a payment of $100 and an invoice of $20 you can apply $20 from the payment to the invoice, the remaining $80 will be left as a partially unapplied payment and can be used later.

Yes, that would be the typical way to handle a payment but it will not work in this app. The reason is you cannot enter a payment without an invoice because the payment entry requires an invoice in order to show the amount field. If you enter an amount higher than the amount due on the invoice then it will not allow you to save the payment record.

I tried to enter the payment record without an invoice to associate and it will not provide an amount field to enter the payment amount to apply to invoices.

If “enable applying payment later” is enabled in the payment settings you can set (using the example above) $100 as the total payment amount and $20 as the amount to be applied to the invoice.

GREAT! Thanks! Changing the payment settings fixed the issue. Thank you for your help.

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!

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