Payment emails going to wrong contact

I’m having an issue where payment emails go to the first client contact and not the contact that was on the invoice. I’m entering payments on the payment screen and have the send email box checked. I saw this on github: Payment emails being sent to all contacts, not just selected in invoice · Issue #7495 · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub but the issue doesn’t seem to be resolved.

I’m running v5.5.117-C115

Thanks for any help you can provide on this


@david any thoughts?

This was changed recently, where all send_email contacts were to receive the payment advice rather than just the primary contact.

@david, @hillel - Thanks for the quick replies. Is there a way to request that it be changed back to be based on the invoice or allow selection at the time of entering payment?

For example: The first contact I entered for this client is no longer with the company but I’m keeping them in InvoiceNinja so I have accurate records of who received what invoice if they ever ask (I work with a few different contacts) but the payment emails are all going to that contact that is no longer with the company.