Payment date on invoice?

Is there a way to have an invoice show the payment date? I couldn’t not find a way so far. This would be particularly useful when receiving late payments. Currently I can display Invoice Date and Due Date but it would be great if when marking paid a field was added to show payment date.

As it stands I send a copy of the invoice with the “PAID” stamp on it when paid but this only shows the dates mentioned above. If I had to somehow prove the payment was late later or the client disputed it, it would be difficult to do so.


You can add the $payments variables in the invoice terms section to include the payment details on the invoice PDF.

If I’m looking in the right place it seems this would have to be done manually on every invoice? I’m a little surprised this isn’t automatic to show the paid date along with enabling the “PAID” stamp. I guess I would have to submit a feature request for this?

You can add the $payments variables to the default invoice terms on Settings > Company Details to add it to all future invoices.

Thanks I will give a try next invoice payment.