Payment Confirmation


Thank you for this great application.

I’m using latest self-hosting version (4.5.6)

Is Invoice Ninja have Payment Confirmation Form ?
for example I choose Bank Transfer for payment, when I create an Invoice end email to client, I want to add button like “Payment Confirmation”.


The apps supports adding a link directly to the payment form. If you click the question mark to the right of subject you can see all available email variables.


Thank you for yout reply.

I’ve added

  • $viewLink
  • $viewButton
  • $paymentLink
  • $paymentButton
  • $approveButton
  • $approveLink
  • $portalButton

but alway redirect to

am I missing something ?

Have you tried sending a test email?

Yes, an email give me link: to view invoice to ?? because redirect to view/xxx

and also fo approve invoice , when I click all of given link, always redirect to /view/xxxx

Is there different with free and paid version ?


Which payment gateway are you using?

No, I don’t use any payment gateway, I just set Bank Transfer for Payment Type.

In that case the links won’t work, you may be able to set something up using Zapier.

Ok, thank you for your fast response. I’ll try to integrate it with ‘Zapier’.

Hello, Hope all is well,

I am also looking into it and fiddled with Zapier but seems like I have creative block - I cant get it to work.

Did you try Zapier and could you get a ZAP that works?