Payfast gateway missing in v4.5.38


I upgraded from v4.5.17 to 4.5.38.
I had the Payfast gateway setup in the old version, but it is no longer there.
How can I get it back or has it been removed from 4.5.38?

I’m only seeing 3 gateways (Paypal express, Gocardless and Bitpay).


It sounds like you may already have another credit card gateway added.

In the Settings
Online Payments tab - there is nothing showing there.
Credit Cards & Banks tab - nothing setup there either.

Can you post a screenshot of the bottom half of Settings > Online Payments

It looks like you have a different error which is causing the table not to show.

Are there any details in storage/logs/

Please delete the log file, trigger the error and then check again.

Hi Hillel

I restored a backup of the .env file.
The application key was different. It’s showing the payment gateways now!

And the client portal is working and viewing invoices in the portal is also working.

I’m not sure why the APP_KEY changed, but since reverting to the backup. It’s all working!

Thanks for your help