pay now button not shown, view now button is a link

Just registered Enterprise plan last week and started to test new invoice.

I chose “light” style in email setting and expect the invoice would be able to open on the blue “view invoice” button, and can be paid on green “pay now” button, as the style example shows.

However when i test it by myself and ask my friend to test on her side, the invoice notification email doesn’t show any buttons.

There’s only the standard invoice link.

Bad thing is, one of my buyer has received such invoice and complained that it looks like a scam…

Really don’t know how to fix this issue. Why the invoice email doesn’t work as the example shows?

Would really need some help here. Thank you guys!


Found the code for “view invoice” and “pay now” in button form.

Added the code. Looks fine. However, when buyer click the button, it brings to a 404 page on my domain.

The invoice link code is correct.

Really need some help here. Thanks if someone can help.


I’ve replied to your email to, please let me know if you need more help.