Past due reminders sending in error

I have an invoice that was originally due at some point in time, and went slightly past due.
I edited the due date pushing it ahead by over 1 year, however the customer continues to receive " Reminder: Invoice past due" emails. Is there a way to update this?

From the email:


From the invoice after clicking the view invoice button:


The app decides which email template to use based on whether the invoice has been sent yet, not whether or not its past due.

I think I understand,

Would this reminder update after a change to due date?

and if so, how are the endless reminders triggered?

In the latest version of the app changing the reminder configuration updates the invoices next send date values.

Endless reminders start running after the last standard reminder has been sent.

I think I understand then, is there any way to reset the reminders? I think the endless reminders have been triggered, but because they are all triggered based on the due date and the due date has been changed we should be back at the standard reminders

@david do you have any thoughts?


The reminders go in sequence. 1,2,3 and endless. so when you hit endless the system doesn’t wind back to different levels of reminders.However it should still be respecting the due date, so an endless reminder shouldn’t send if the due date has been pushed forward? Is this what you are seeing?

Yes, exactly. It appears that even after pushing the due date forward significantly (over 1yr in the future) the endless reminders are still going out.