Parse Error on transfer to new VPS

Hi Guys,

I have been using this fantastic product for 3 months. Business is growing so we migrated from a shared server to our own VPS. First run of Invoice ninja on th elog in page:

Parse error : syntax error, unexpected β€˜?’ in /home/provincial/public_html/ninja/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Foundation/helpers.php on line 233

Any idea how to resolve?



Check if you’re using PHP 7.4, v4 of the app supports up to PHP 7.3

Thanks for the quick reply.

Version 7.3 on server - anything other ideas?

php ?

Actually, when I look closer I see the following:


That could be the problem, I don’t think PHP 5.x is supported

Yes, this was the issue. Thank you for your help.

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