Paid to Date is always $0 in a Quote

Self-hosted 4.5.15

  1. I Quoted Client for $1000
  2. <li>Client Approved</li>
    <li>Converted Quote to Invoice</li>
    <li>Set $500 Deposit to Invoice</li>
    <li>Sent Invoice, Client paid $500</li>
    <li>Added Payment to IN</li>
    <li>Invoice now shows $500 Paid to Date, $500 Outstanding</li>
    <li>During execution, Client changes spec</li>
    <li>Added New Item to Quote, total is now $2000</li>
    <li>Problem: Unlike the Invoice, the Quote still shows $0 Paid to Date</li>

Is the “Paid to Date” field in a Quote useless? Is this a bug? If not, what am I missing?

Bonus question: When I add a new item to the Quote, is there a way to automatically update the corresponding invoice as well?


The quote paid to date field is not used, payments can’t be applied to quotes

Sorry mo, changing the quote won’t affect the invoice