Paid Invoices are not shown in Client Portal

In the client portal I don’t see the paid invoice even if the paid checkbox is checked.
Any idea ?


@ben do you have any ideas?

I did understand.
All the invoice imported from V4 were marked as “Archived”(I suppose it was the default behavior when a payment was done in V4) thus are not listed in V5 client portal. In V4 paid invoices were listed in the client portal.

I’ll restore all the invoice, so my clients are able to see paid invoices.

Off topic #1, for debugging I did create some invoices, is it possible to delete them properly ? Even not showing as deleted ?
Off topic #2, what is “reversed” ? Is it possible to cancel that ?

#1 Currently you would need to purge the data and start over

#2 Reversing an invoice will create a credit, if you disable the credits module it will hide the option

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@david should we list archived in the client portal?

In v4 deleted records are hidden in the client portal but archived records are visible, I think we should use the same approach for v5.


I stumbled across this behavior today. Archived payments are not visible in the client portal while archived invoices are still there. I would appreciate to get the same behavior for invoices and payments when they are archived.

Thanks for reporting this!

cc @ben @david

@ben yes please payments too.