Overpayment or Credit

I haven’t found anything on this subject since Setpember '16.
If a client overpays and just wants you to apply it to their next invoice how are you supposed to hand this?

Thanks for anyone’s help

In v5 you can create a payment for the client and apply part of it to an invoice now and keep the rest on file to apply to a future invoice.

On V4, The app create a credit with the leftover. On his next invoice, you can apply part or whole of the customer’s credit.

That’s just a credit! Why change this process? It was much easier in v4.

I’ve used that feature on both v4 and v5, I don’t feel like it’s more complicated with v5 : create a paiement, where you put the whole paiement on the amount field, choose which invoice to pay with the payment, and the leftover with be filled like an un-applied payment, ready to be used for any other transaction.

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