Outstanding field in portal client always is zero


I enabled the field “outstanding” in the section “invoice fields”.

When I view the invoice in the Ninja Invoice Manager this field appear whit the total amount pending.(Ok)

When I view this same invoice in the client portal, this field appear whit zero value

I cleared cache, Chrome, Firefox, Iexplorer. Same error

Diferent invoices, diferent clients, same error


Invoice Ninja: Softaculous 3.3.3 upgraded to 3.4.0



PD: I inserted two images whit the views:
ninja_invoice - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_nFeCLbfiazRnJTSWtBc0poamc?usp=sharing

I’m able to replicate the problem, we’ll make sure a fix is included with our next minor release.

Here’s the fix if you want to patch your code.


Thank you so much.
I applied the patch. It works well

Best regards