"outstanding" and invoice in different currencies


I am using self-hosted version of invoice ninja and before I ask my question I want to congratulate you on the technology you created. The application is awesome and I really like it. I appreciate the effort you put into it.

My question is, if I have one invoice in EUR and one invoice in USD and the localization is set to use USD as primary, am I supposed to see the converted EUR to USD value in the outstanding balance on the dashboard? I am using the digital ocean 1 click install which is v4.5.18. Just wanted to know if I misconfigured something or there is no feature to take into consideration all invoices from different currencies, when showing the “outstanding” balance. Right now only my main currency (USD) is added to it.

Thanks, that’s really nice to hear :slight_smile:

It isn’t supported in the current version but we plan to add this in our next version.

In the current version you’d need to manually set each payment’s exchange rate and then use the payment report.

Thank you for your reply.

The payment report does not include the outstanding balance. I think I need invoice report, which brings up a nice breakdown in all currencies. It’s good enough for me for now.

Just out of curiosity, when do you plan the next release? Or do you mean the version that is currently in beta?

The version in alpha


Awesome! Is it compatible with v4.5.18? Can I upgrade it easily or do a fresh install and use the v4.5.18 database?

“Note: this app must be setup separately from the current app, we’ve built a migration tool to enable transferring your data and settings between the apps.”

Awesome, thanks!