Option to Display 0% Rate On Invoice

Hey Folks,

In some of my invoices for one of my setups I am offering services that have a rate of 0% GST.

In Australia we have to display ‘GST’ and then the amount as $0.00 or something along those lines at the bottom in the summary of the invoice to indicate that the invoice has no GST.

Firstly, there’s an inconsistency between the web apps

  • The only way I can get GST 0% to display down the bottom in the invoice summary is if I set it as a rate for an individual item using the Flutter version of the web app.

  • When I use the React interface, I do the same thing and the PDF (at least the preview) does NOT display the 0% GST from line items.

(Flutter on the left, React on the right)

Option To Put 0 Rated Taxes in Summary

Could there be added an option so that when your invoice is for 0% GST (or whatever the name of your tax is) that it can display the fact that it is a 0% GST invoice rather than just disappearing and only showing the summary line when there’s a rate > 0?

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Feel free to create an issue to request the change.

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