Open Exchange Setup

Has anyone been successful at setting up Open Exchange with v5 self-hosted?

I found the Currency Conversion section at the bottom of this document: at v5-rework · invoiceninja/ · GitHub

I’ve registered for an App ID, added it to my .Env file, ran php artisan optimize, but am unsure it’s actually working. I entered an expense in USD that I selected to convert, but there was no conversion rate populated automatically.

How often does Invoice Ninja poll the exchange rates?



The app should load the rates once a day, it may help to check if the rates are set in the currencies table.

@david do you have any suggestions to debug?

Currencies are populated. Perhaps I tried before the update happened. Thanks for the tip to check this table for data.

You can update the admin portal using the refresh data option on Settings > Device Settings

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currencies are updated once a day :slight_smile:

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