Open balance not updating


I imported a csv of clients and invoices and updated their payment dates. All invoices are paid but for each client, on their portal, I see that the open balance does not update. It has not moved.

However, when creating a new client and new invoice directly on the dashboard and when I register the payment, the open balance updates for that new client.

Please let me know how I can solve this (myaybe directly wihtin my mysql database ?).

Thank you,


To be clear, for example you import client A with a paid invoice for $100. You see the $100 payment but the client’s balance is $100?


thank you for your quick response.
1- I import clients. Example: client A
2- i import invoices with date and due date. Example : I-A: 100$
3- I manually register the payments in my dashboard for everyone of those invoices. Example : I-A: 100$ on the 16/04
4_- On client A portale I see “Paid per today : 100$” “Open balance : 100$”


I’m not sure, I’m not able to reproduce the problem.

Can you post what you see on the ‘Activity’ tab for the client, it should show their balance adjustments.

Ok, I think I’m starting to see where the problem is… When I imported the invoices the first time, they were not imported correctly. So, I went into my mysql and errased all the invoices and I did a new import. Consequently, I still see in the activity tab the old invoices that I erased only in my mysql (PS : what I think I should have done was to first delete them in my dashboard and then in my mysql). How can I rectifiy this issue ?

I’d suggest purging the data on Settings > Account Management and starting over.