Online Payments - Payfast gateway title in client portal


I have added a payment gateway which is payfast to my system.

The issue I have is the title of the gateway in the client portal pay now section.
It says credit card.

Payfast is a South African gateway. It offers instant bank transfer, debit cards, bitcoin and others.
And it has an option to disable certain types of payments.

Therefore a client does not to have a credit card to use the gateway as they can just use there bank debit card.

As a matter of fact I have disabled the credit card payment method as the rates are the highest.

In my drop down on pay now for clients it now says
Cash on Delivery
Bank Transfer
Credit card

I need it to say
Cash on delivery
Bank transfer

What do I do to change it.

Edit: I have coding experience so if it’s a matter of changing a string in a file I can do so.

Try setting a custom label on Settings > Invoice Design > Invoice Labels.

OK that worked.
I changed credit card label to say now on the pay now it says payfast. And I’m sure if paid successfully it should say that on invoice too.

8 wasn’t aware invoice labels also apply to other text within the system. I thought it’s just on printed invoice.


Great, glad to hear it!