Online Payment with Paypal and Braintree

In version 3.03 if you set up online payments gateways the paypal and Braintree together I have noticed that the paypal option stops working.
This is right or there is an issue ?
Is there a way to operate in parallel both options ?
Thank you

To clarify, you’re using Braintree’s PayPal feature rather than PayPal Pro\Express.

Are you seeing an error?

I use (Braintree-Paypal pro) with Paypal express.
When I press the buy now on the invoice and choose Braintree all goes well.
If I choose paypal does absolutely nothing and no error.
But if I disable Braintree Gateway payments with paypal are all goes normally

On /settings/online_payments do you see one row for Braintree, or are the two rows (one for Braintree and one for PayPal).

Also, are there any errors in your browser’s console?

If I choose to gateways paypal pro and Paypal express all OK
The problem is if I’ve Braintree and paypal express…
In this case if I press buy now with choice paypal express I have the following error in the console

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘initAuthFlow’ of undefined
at HTMLAnchorElement.<anonymous> (5Hjgx6cA2HPKFkwQsuJqVxANdVV4EfTU:300)
at HTMLAnchorElement.dispatch (jquery.js:4670)
at HTMLAnchorElement.g.handle (jquery.js:4338)

If you use Braintree you need to use the PayPal account linked to your Braintree account.

It sounds like you may need to archive the PayPal Express gateway and enable PayPal on the Braintree gateway settings.

I’ve done it.
My account Braintree is connected with the account in Paypal pro …
Anyway I will contact with the support in Braintree to see what happens …
Thank you for the great support.

Is there a reason you needed to contact Braintree?

Why not ?
If all the settings in Braintree are correct why the two payment options together does not work properly?
Maybe something will happen in the Braintree settings

It can’t hurt, I would just think it’s more likely the problem is with our app then the gateway.

Οκ …
If you find something I would expect information…
Thank you

If you want to email a screenshot of your settings on /settings/online_payments to I can check it looks correct.

Οκ …
I’ve send them now