On-prem accounting + Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is an awesome tool. It has already saved me time, makes me look more professional, and increases the legitimacy of my records.

However, I need to do more, and I want Invoice Ninja to come with me for the ride. With so many accounting tools out there, I was hoping to get some sort of recommendations/ideas.

I am looking for an accounting tool that I can run on-prem, as in not hosted or cloud or whatever (my Invoice Ninja is on-prem, and I plan to get the white label subscription soon). I also would really like an accounting tool that can streamline payroll and hopefully interface with banks. The reason I need it to be on-prem is because I am not interested in having data cross international borders and getting captured by internet surveillance. Also, I already have substantial infrastructure for backups and such, which I would prefer to leverage. A web interface is preferred so I don’t have to install a local application, but this is more a preference than a requirement.

Oh, and of course, something that can nicely interface with Invoice Ninja, because it’s awesome :slight_smile:

Any recommendations/ideas? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m considering xTuple’s PostBooks : https://xtuple.com/products/postbooks

Not sure if I can integrate it with InvoiceNinja, but this tool looks super rad. Anyone try it?