Offline self hosted deployement, bypass setup stage or disable email verification

so did an offline deployment of invoice ninja(nginx on ubuntu 20.04) but on initial setup page whichever email I put the panel refuses it with error ( The email must be a valid email address ).
I’m assuming It’s because of some online component of email validator not having access to internet.

how can I skip the initial setup page (ip/setup) or setup a an initial user like how the docker version works.


@david any thoughts?

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in 5.5.36, i’ve removed the email rfc+dns check

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I really appreciated the update.
know that we are on the topic of an offline deployement.
say I want to use a different language (say chinese,arabic, etc.), the default roboto font downloads additional language info (characters in the newa language are boxes untill new info can be retrieved) , is there anyway I can use a different font on admin panel or have an offline version of robot with extra languages preloaded?