Nothing is getting pulled into the invoice or quote preview screens.


With version 3.3, we’ve got the following issue, nothing is getting pulled into the invoice or quote preview screens while trying to setup new invoice templates. Nothing when making new quotes or invoices for sending to clients too.

We are using invoice ninja on a debian 8.7 with PHP 7.0 with nginx and MariaDB. All seem to work fine except this.


Are there any errors in the browser console?

No, no errors.

I’m not sure, maybe try re-uploading your logo.

I’ve deleted it, and same thing. The preview screens are all generated by phantomjs locally ? am I right ?

The PDF’s are generated by the browser, phantomjs is only needed when the browser isn’t available.

I’m surprised the browser console is empty, in the past when the preview is blank there’s usually an error.

Is there anything in storage/logs/laravel-error.log.

nothing in storage/logs/laravel-error.log.
As you say it’s generated by the browser , I’ve just downloaded Chrome and tried with it, the preview screen is working fine.
It don’t work with Firefox.

That’s helpful to know, if you want to email a test invoice to I can try to debug.

You can also try enabling ‘Prevent Download’ on /settings/account_management

I’ve tried with enabling ‘Prevent Download’ on /settings/account_management and after Firefox work fine. All preview screen are working fine.

I’ve got another issue while accessing the paiement gateway after validating the paiement button on the invoice from the link received by the client. Same behaviour for Stripe or Paypal.

“An error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.”

After disabling the two box, it works.

Are there any errors in storage/logs/laravel-error.log

It may help to clear your cookies.